Gartner for Software Engineering Leaders

Gartner for Software Engineering Leaders helps you align with stakeholders, retain and optimize your team and build innovative products that support and serve the entire organization, its partners and clients.

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Maximize value with the right software investments

Use this roadmap overview to benchmark your technology deployment and adoption strategies across the enterprise by evaluating key value drivers and risk factors.

Creating a High-Quality Developing Experience at Hargreaves Lansdown

Hear a sneak peek of Brian Minning, Gartner Research Director , and Matt Bonetti, Head of Digital Colleague Experience discuss how UK-based company Hargreaves Lansdown created a successful software engineering group that is dedicated to better developer experience and increased performance.

Find and keep great software engineering talent

Attract and retain employees by creating an environment that aligns with key values and fosters learning opportunities.

Use stories to demonstrate the value of software engineering

Because traditional software engineering metrics often fail to establish business value, software engineering leaders should use value stories to clearly show how initiatives drive high-priority business objectives.

Drive higher performance across your team

Instead of just developing technical skills within their teams, software engineering leaders must create an environment that encourages collaboration and innovation.

Gartner Digital Workplace Summit

Join a world-class community of digital workplace leaders, architects, IT executives and Gartner experts.

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Drive stronger performance on your mission-critical priorities.