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The modern workplace is changing, and HR executives are at the forefront of this new world. As businesses recover from the cultural and economic impact, they’re faced with a new set of challenges: How do we transition into the new hybrid world while maintaining culture and innovation? And how do we do this in an equitable way?

Every HR leader and chief human resources officer (CHRO) is in a critical position to lead their organizations through these challenges. In order to create fairness in the workplace, we must rethink the entire HR organization and how all our HR processes and systems work together.

Join our upcoming human resources conferences as we utilize data to examine how we can radically reimagine fairness in the workplace to build the high-performing, equitable organizations of tomorrow.

Gartner ReimagineHR Conference
11 – 12 September 2023 | London, U.K.
23 – 25 October 2023 | Orlando, FL
4 – 5 December 2023 | Sydney, Australia 

Gartner ReimagineHR Conference

Join us for the most impactful HR conference of the year, with the most senior HR audience globally. Get the insights and networking opportunities you need to lead through disruption.
What's covered

Explore our HR conference agenda tracks that address the most pressing priorities for today's HR leaders:

  • Track A: Reimagine the Role of the CHRO
  • Track B: Reimagine Recruiting
  • Track C: Reimagine Talent Management
  • Track D: Reimagining Learning and Development
  • Track E: Reimagine Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Track F: Reimagine Performance and Rewards
  • Track G: Reimagine Talent Analytics
  • Track H: Reimagine HR Tech
Who should attend

Join your true peer group of CHROs, HR executives and thought leaders:

CHROs and heads of HR gain cross-functional insights to drive organizational performance through talent.

Learning and development executives gain strategies to fill critical skills gaps.

Total rewards leaders gain best practices on how to shape rewards packages to address a growing emphasis on employee psychological and physical well-being.

Heads of HR technology can ensure success during the entire technology life cycle, from strategy and selection.

Heads of talent analytics learn how to overcome employee data and transparency concerns and ethical data collection techniques.

Chief diversity officers gain insights on how to apply data and analytics to diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Talent acquisition and recruiting executives gain strategies to compete in today’s challenging labor market.

Talent management leaders learn new, short- and long-term workforce planning strategies for the future of work.

This was my first year attending ReimagineHR Conference and will not be my last. I appreciate the various ways to connect and learn alongside my peers, especially the roundtable discussions. I’ve reflected on many learnings since the conference and have found it easy to make daily connections.

Michelle Smith

HR Project Manager, Sammons Financial Group

At Gartner HR conferences, you’ll find objective insights, strategic advice and practical tools to help you achieve your most critical priorities

Leading organizations around the globe are counting on their HR function to lead the business forward from the disruption. CHROs and HR leaders who join the Gartner human resource conference 2023 will gain access to insights that will expand their thinking, gather best practices to bring back to their organizations, and become empowered to rethink their HR function’s priorities — all while developing the skills necessary to support the organization as strategic business leaders.

Get inspired as you build your professional skills and your professional network during interactive sessions and invaluable peer conversations.

Check back for frequently updated content, resources and HR conferences 2023 updates. CHROs and HR executives can find valuable advice, tools and networking opportunities to help them lead their organization’s HR transformation, build the desired culture and enhance their business leader skill set.

Explore research-backed content for CHROs and human resource executives

The Gartner ReimagineHR Conference is the world’s most important gathering for CHROs and their executive teams, where they hone strategies to optimize the hiring and retention of scarce top talent, drive continuous learning and development, maximize the productivity of employees and reward them for it, and ensure diversity and inclusion in their workforces.

Research-backed content for CHROs

CHROs get necessary information to work with senior management stakeholders and empower teams to lead through an era of social change, technology disruption and workforce transitions. Gain insights on how to reimagine your HR strategy to drive the performance of your team of HR professionals and the organization.

Discover recruiting research 

Increasing transparency is changing candidate behavior and expectations. Labor market dynamics make it increasingly difficult to source quality talent. Learn the most effective strategies for talent acquisition executives to compete for talent in today’s new recruiting environment.

Read more about learning and development

The skills and capabilities that employees need to succeed are changing rapidly. HR executives discover the most effective and scalable strategies to target development priorities, build new skills and equip employees at all levels of the organization for the future.

Read the research from HR experts

As organizations redefine their relationships with employees (e.g., how work is being done, where work is being done), the way organizations drive and evaluate employee performance must be redefined as well. Total rewards executives learn how their performance management and rewards strategies must evolve to support an equitable work environment.

Discover diversity resources for the modern business leader

Customers, CEOs, boards of directors and employees are increasingly expecting a diverse workforce. Diversity and inclusion (D&I) executives learn the most innovative ways to accelerate their DE&I approaches and strengthen cross-functional partnerships.

Read more about HR tech strategy

A comprehensive HR tech strategy is essential to achieving HR top capability and delivering value to the broader enterprise. HR executives learn about the contribution HR technology brings to human resource service offering and partnering competency by having an employee-centric value proposition at its heart.

Explore resources and topics for analytics professionals in HR

Talent analytics functions and strategies are rapidly evolving. Talent analytics HR professionals explore ideas and insights to develop their discipline, looking at building and delivering against a value proposition for human resource insights that remains within the boundaries of ethical application.

Read more about talent management

Talent management leaders gain insights on how to reimagine talent management and workforce engagement strategies, including career pathing, performance management, change management, workforce planning and succession planning.

The Equity Imperative: How Fairness Improves Performance

HR executives increasingly face what may seem like dwelling pressures: “How do we ensure our organization is profitable and high-performing, and how do we do it in a way that is fair and equitable?” But progressive organizations are asking a different question: “Does fairness actually improve performance?”

Every senior HR professional and chief human resources officer (CHRO) is being challenged to build cultures and processes that drive performance through equity — and to reshape both the workplace and the human resources function in the process.

At Gartner HR Conferences, as we share data, insights and tools that help HR executives to radically reimagine traditional assumptions of work and roles to lead in the new modern workplace. When assessing your options to attend a human resource conference in 2023, ReimagineHR should be at the top of every CHRO’s list.

At last year’s virtual human resource conference, HR professionals learned how to design talent processes that deliver more equitable employee outcomes and drive higher performance. Read more about the top concerns facing HR leaders today.

Equity is the fair treatment and equality of access to opportunity, information and resources for all. Equity and fairness are critical to employee experience, and are built by identifying and eliminating unfair biases, stereotypes or barriers that may inadvertently exclude underrepresented employees. Organizations are increasingly using equity to describe priorities and programs. Attending a human resource conference like ReimagineHR 2023 is an excellent way to reimagine your own organizations' human resource management strategies.

While both equality and equity are important, and may relate to the diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategy, HR professionals need to clarify each term and clearly distinguish the two before promoting them. Some organizations may even be surprised to discover employees may be treated equally but not equitably. That’s because organizations often strive for workplace equal outcomes by treating everyone the same. Workplace equality gives every employee access to the same opportunities; but workplace equity means the fair treatment and equality of access to opportunities, information and resources for all.

Attending Gartner HR conferences 2023 will help HR leaders assess their own organizations’ DEI policies.

In practice, when employees all work in the same inflexible policies and processes with little consideration of varying needs, employees may actually be experiencing a distinctly unfair work environment. An equity strategy aims to “level the playing field” and ensure all employees feel psychologically safe enough to participate and contribute.

Fairness, equal access and equal opportunity are critical to improving the employee experience as workforce models change. For decades, work design has been based on inherited assumptions that have damaging implications for equity, innovation and performance. 

Over the past couple years, more and more businesses have started talking about diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) instead of just diversity and inclusion (D&I). The social upheavals that have taken place over the past year have made inequity harder to ignore, whether within organizations, communities or society writ large. That’s why Gartner HR conferences have an entire track dedicated to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Business leaders face growing moral pressure to combat inequity from governments, activists, media and (most importantly) their own employees. Inclusion, equity and environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues go beyond employment law and are all becoming bigger talent management priorities, prompting the question: “How do we ensure our organization is profitable and high-performing, and how do we do it in a way that is fair and equitable?”

It’s all too common for HR professionals to see these two aspirations as part of a zero-sum game or conflicting conditions, but some of the smartest organizations are wondering if performance and equity actually work together. These HR professionals are asking a different question: Does fairness actually improve performance? The challenge in the coming decade for HR professionals is not to balance a moral imperative of fairness against a business imperative of growth but rather, to build cultures and processes that drive performance through equity. The Gartner HR conferences 2023 agenda will cover how HR leaders can build culture through talent strategy.

It is important to design pay strategies that drive performance through reward strategies that are fair and perceived as fair by employees, but there are other areas in which fairness and equity are critical. For example, many organizations will need to ensure fairness across new models of work as employees adopt hybrid working models and become more geographically dispersed. HR professionals will also need to create new HR processes that drive business and talent outcomes in a more equitable way.

When you join Gartner HR conferences, you can attend sessions within the Total Rewards and Performance agenda track, which is filled with research-backed sessions on how to design and communicate pay and performance strategies.

HR professionals have grown accustomed to providing consistent work conditions, consistent work hours and consistent access to managers in the office and believe this consistent employee experience is a way to ensure fairness. This rationale doesn’t work in the hybrid world, where experiences almost by default will always be inconsistent from person to person. But progressive HR professionals recognize that individual experiences are consumed differently based on background, life experience and personality, so the premise that an experience could ever be equal is flawed.

Aiming for equality of experience is an outdated mode of working that was already causing harm in the office-based world. Aiming for equality of opportunity, however, is the better way to equity in the hybrid world, and this is the new principle that human-centric design must be based on. Employees can decide for themselves what their most productive and engaging work experience should be, and we must provide them the flexibility (and thus equal opportunity) to design this themselves.

At ReimagineHR Conference 2023, HR leaders will gain insights on how to further advance diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.

At previous years' human resource conferences, we explored these big ideas and deliver insights to help human resources professionals:

  • Design pay strategies that drive performance through reward strategies that are fair and perceived as fair by employees.
  • Learn how to employ HR technology to ensure fairness across new models of work as employees adopt hybrid working styles and become more geographically diverse.
  • Create new HR processes and talent acquisition strategies that drive business and talent outcomes in a more equitable way.
  • Build DEI strategies that not only improve diversity and inclusion but also drive equity throughout the organization.

Keep an eye out for an updated agenda for Gartner ReimagineHR Conference 2023 to learn more about how HR leaders can continue to build upon these themes and other top priorities.

At previous years' HR conferences, human resources professionals gained access to agenda sessions addressing a wide range of HR conference topics, including the following:

  • How can organizations improve fairness and employee perceptions of fairness?
  • What are the positive business outcomes of a fairer workplace?
  • How can HR enable personalization and radical flexibility for individuals to improve their engagement while maintaining fairness among all employees?
  • How can organizations ensure benefits given to specific employee segments (e.g., extra parental support) are perceived as fair to segments that are not getting those benefits?
  • How do we ensure fairness in careers and rewards among employees who are more or less likely to return to the physical workplace compared to those who continue to work from home?
  • How do we ensure fairness of opportunities, recognition and promotion among a workforce that is more diverse and geographically distributed?
  • What are fair pay practices for employees who move to remote, lower-cost locations?
  • How can organizations balance treatment of contingent versus full-time employees in a way that drives performance for all employees in all types of work models?
  • How can HR technology leaders enable our new hybrid workforce in a way that ensures fairness for everyone?
  • How can talent acquisition leaders think about their talent pools now that they can hire from anywhere?
  • How can talent analytics leaders better understand a remote hybrid workforce to create a new, equitable work environment?

Keep an eye out for an updated agenda for Gartner ReimagineHR Conference 2023. By attending, CHROs and HR leaders are joining in on one of the top HR conferences globally, and will get a critical update on top HR trends.

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