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5 Emerging Customer Service Trends To Watch

Forward-looking customer service and support organizations are shifting from a reactive strategy designed to limit costs to a predictive strategy that delivers additional value to customers.

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  • Trends that will have the biggest impact on customer service and support over the next 3-5 years
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Customer Service Outsourcing Framework

Outsourcing an already complex process that is not running smoothly in-house cannot always be solved by outsourcing. Download the Gartner framework to make smarter customer service outsourcing decisions.

Capture untapped opportunity for Customer Service to Drive Loyalty and Retention

While low-effort customer service remains an essential part of service strategy, it's insufficient to drive desired loyalty and growth outcomes. The best CSS organizations capitalize on service interactions to make an impact on loyalty through “value enhancement”.

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Client Success Stories

See how Gartner helped other companies achieve their customer service and support goals.

Reducing Cost to Serve by Improving Customer Loyalty

A senior director of client services turned to Gartner for comprehensive support on improving live service channels and multichannel strategy through tools, expert guidance and research.

Transform the Hiring Process for Frontline Service Talent

To elevate its customer experience, a leading Australian university worked with Gartner to reform its talent management practices for hiring frontline service representatives.

Improve the Effectiveness of Service Channels

1% of Northwestern Mutual’s clients were calling to make payments over the phone, driving approximately 25% of payment processing costs. With Gartner's help, Northwestern Mutual saw a cost savings of almost $1 million.

Empowering the Customer Service Rep

A new-to-role Sr. Director at UGI Utilities turned to Garter for help decreasing employee turnover and improving operating expenses. With Gartner Support they were able to reduce turnover by half in comparison to the prior six months.

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