Gartner BuySmart™: Confidently Manage the Technology Life Cycle

Streamline your team’s path to better technology purchasing decisions — fueled by industry-leading Gartner experts and peer insights.

Buysmart tool interface preview

Use Gartner BuySmart™ to:


Use Gartner BuySmart™ proprietary insights to help your team identify key technologies, requirements and vendors for consideration.


Manage all your team’s requirements and vendor evaluations in one place with an efficient, customizable process.


Choose the right vendor for your organization, screen out the vendors that are not a right fit and build confidence in your final decision.


Optimize your spend and reduce risk with a Gartner expert proposal review.
(*Available for entitled products.)

How Gartner BuySmart™ works

Start with a template, powered by Gartner insights

Need new technology? Kick-start your search in the Gartner BuySmart™ template hub. Each template is crafted for a specific type of software and packed with exclusive Gartner data and insights. You’ll find lists of detailed requirements and vendors to consider, comprehensive evaluation checklists, peer and expert insights and tools for customization. 

Preview of Buysmart tool labeled "Choose a Gartner Template"

Manage your team’s evaluation process all in one place

Collaborate with your team to create initiatives that manage each of your technology evaluations from start to finish. Define your objectives, budget and key dates. Organize a checklist of tasks and assign owners. Easily keep track of your requirements, vendors and evaluations all in one place. 

Preview of Buysmart tool showing a project management plan

Analyze your requirements

To prepare for your evaluations, you’ll want to analyze your requirements and get any necessary signoffs across your team. You can use the requirements recommended in your chosen Gartner BuySmart™ template, add your own and adjust the priority level of each factor. Use this scorecard to seek alignment among your stakeholders on what matters most. 

Preview of Buysmart tool showing list of requirements and list of vendors

Evaluate vendors that hit the mark

Gartner BuySmart™ will surface lists of vendors for you to consider. You’ll get access to exclusive Gartner research for each vendor, including proprietary insights and peer ratings. You can create a shortlist of vendors and score them against your detailed requirements. Keep track of key take-aways, and when you’re ready, easily screen out vendors that don’t fit the bill. 

Preview of Buysmart tool showing a vendor score report summary

Reduce risk and make your final decision with confidence

Once you’ve selected a vendor, easily export your report to share details with stakeholders on vendors considered, selection criteria and your decision. You can also work with a Gartner representative to schedule a proposal review with a Gartner expert who can help you optimize spend and reduce risk. 

Preview of Buysmart tool showing a selection summary

What you’ll get

Objective Gartner insights at your fingertips

Contextualized insights directly related to your technology evaluation(s).

Collaborative workflow within a structured process

Everything your team needs to navigate and make better purchasing decisions.

Streamlined vendor evaluations

Comprehensive scorecards and resources to help you choose the right vendor.

Confidence in selecting the right vendor

Optimized spend and reduced risk with a proposal review by a Gartner expert.

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